A scene from the theatre play Tellspiele.
The apple shoot scene from the theatre play Tellspiele.

Tellspiele – Matten / Interlaken

One-of-a-kind the­atre open-air show (roofed stands) pre­sen­ting the life of Wil­helm Tell, a legen­da­ry hero who fought for the fre­edom of the Swiss, and the very ori­gins of the helve­tic sta­te­ho­od. Over 200 actors and extras, ani­mals and sce­no­gra­phy of a medie­val vil­la­ge, all this in the pic­tu­re­sque sur­ro­un­ding of Inter­la­ken. The the­atre spec­tac­le has been shown for over one hun­dred years now invo­lving the local people.

Depar­tu­re points / prices:

Schaf­fhau­sen CHF 95  / Win­ter­thur CHF 90  / Zürich CHF 85

Entran­ce tic­ket fee for the show starts from CHF 36, depen­ding on the type of seat.


Video tra­iler

Bookings: info @ / +41 76 77 50 777