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The best holiday destinations in Switzerland

Transfers from Zurich airport

For your next vaca­tion, visit Swit­zer­land! This gor­ge­ous coun­try tuc­ked betwe­en the peaks of towe­ring moun­ta­ins is the per­fect spot for a sce­nic trip during any season. Take a look at our list of loca­tions below to begin plan­ning your Swiss Adventure.


A view from above of Andermatt in the Urseren valley in Switzerland in summer.

A pic­tu­re­sque vil­la­ge nestled insi­de the Swiss Alps at 1,447 meters abo­ve sea level. Come by Ander­matt in the win­ter­ti­me to enjoy plen­ty of ski tra­ils and a warm Swiss hot cho­co­la­te at the base of a towe­ring moun­ta­in peak. Or, visit in the sum­mer to enjoy gor­ge­ous hiking tra­ils and moun­ta­in biking. If you have time, take a quick dri­ve over to Schöl­le­nen Gor­ge and Devi­l’s Brid­ge, an exam­ple of inno­va­ti­ve swiss archi­tec­tu­re, double brid­ges span over the mas­si­ve cre­vi­ce below cre­ating a beau­ti­ful site for any­one who enjoys moun­ta­in infra­struc­tu­re and scenery.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 30 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 125 km


A view of Arosa in Switzerland in winter during sunset or sunrise.

This ski resort vil­la­ge is loca­ted insi­de the Schan­figg Val­ley; an area in the Swiss moun­ta­ins famo­us for its rol­ling moun­ta­in peaks and cry­stal cle­ar lakes. The­re is a wide ran­ge of win­ter sports and acti­vi­ties here, not only skiing and snow­bo­ar­ding, also sled­ging, snow­shoe hikes, hor­se car­ria­ges and even para­gli­ding. The Aro­sa ski resort is con­nec­ted by a cable car to Len­zer­he­ide in the neigh­bo­ring val­ley, cre­ating a lar­ge ski area For the sum­mer mon­ths, try visi­ting either the Bear Sanc­tu­ary or sim­ply take a cable car for a love­ly views and taste of that cle­an moun­ta­in air witho­ut all the phy­si­cal exer­tion that comes with hiking the trails.

Dri­ving time — 2 h 10 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 156 km

A view from above of Arosa in Switzerland in summer.


A view from above of Davos in Switzerland in summer.

Davos is known all over the world not only becau­se of the annu­al World Eco­no­mic Forum, held in Janu­ary. Famo­us for its down­hill and cross coun­try ski tra­ils of Jakob­shorn, Pischa, Riner­horn and Par­senn, Davos is the highest town in Euro­pe (1,560 m abo­ve sea level) and has one of lar­gest ski resorts in Swit­zer­land. Still, the town is rela­ti­ve­ly small with just 11,000 people and has very mode­stly sized houses, public buil­dings, and chur­ches which make it look like a toy vil­la­ge when com­pa­red to the enor­mo­us moun­ta­ins that cra­dle it. If skiing isn’t your thing, stop here in the sum­mer to enjoy stand up pad­dle sur­fing on the lake, hiking (foxtra­il game), fami­ly rafting, the Adven­tu­re Park Färich, a trip to the small local bre­we­ry in Mon­ste­in or a folk eve­ning with yode­ling and alphorning.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 55 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 153 km


A view of Lake Tannensee near Engelberg in summer.

Engel­berg is a vil­la­ge loca­ted in cen­tral Swit­zer­land, known pri­ma­ri­ly for ski jum­ping. Mount Titlis (3,238 m) is cove­red with snow thro­ugho­ut the year and attracts touri­sts in both win­ter and sum­mer. Titlis has the worl­d’s first rota­ting cable car, the gla­cier cave and ski fun park. For tho­se who are bra­ve, try wal­king along the Titlis Cliff Walk, the highest suspen­sion brid­ge in Euro­pe, 3,041 m overs sea level and 500 m abo­ve the gro­und. In the sum­mer, Engel­berg offers nume­ro­us moun­ta­in hikes, the famo­us route of five lakes and attrac­tions such as a down­hill ride on a mon­ster­rol­ler. In Engel­berg the­re is also a Bene­dic­ti­ne mona­ste­ry with its own che­ese pro­duc­tion and a shop with local orga­nic food.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 15 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 101 km


A view of Lake Caumasee near Flims in Switzerland in summer.

Flims in Eastern Swit­zer­land is toge­ther with two other vil­la­ges — Laax and Fale­ra — one of the most impor­tant ski resorts in Swit­zer­land. Flim­ser­ste­in, the gar­gan­tu­an sto­ne pla­te­au towers over the area. During the sum­mer this area real­ly blo­oms into splen­dor, offe­ring gor­ge­ous sites of cle­ar water and val­leys. 13- kilo­me­ters long Rhi­ne Gor­ge (Ruinaul­ta) and sur­ro­un­ded by forest Lake Cau­ma (Cau­ma­see) are the must-see pla­ces. In the near­by Ver­sam the­re is a rafting scho­ol so you can go alo­ne in a kay­ak (so cal­led Funy­ak) or on a pon­to­on with your fami­ly in this pic­tu­re­sque canyon.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 40 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 143 km


A view of Grindelwald in Switzerland in summer.

Grin­del­wald is one of the most pic­tu­re­sque vil­la­ges in Swit­zer­land. Sur­ro­un­ded by moun­ta­in mas­sifs with peaks over 3000 m abo­ve sea level. In sum­mer, this gre­en val­ley con­tra­sts with whi­te peaks and gla­ciers on the south side. Grin­del­wald is toge­ther with Lau­ter­brun­nen in the neigh­bo­ring val­ley the star­ting point for a trip to Jung­frau­joch — Top o Euro­pe — an its highest vie­wing point — Sphinx obse­rva­to­ry (3571 m). In win­ter Grin­del­wald is a clas­sic ski resort. In sum­mer, a para­di­se for hikers and clim­bers. All thrill-seekers sho­uld check the Top of Adven­tu­re pac­ka­ge on the First Moun­ta­in (2167 m). From Grin­del­wald you can walk to near­by Gla­cier Gor­ge (Glet­scher­schlucht) with its 300 m high rock faces, impres­si­ve work of art from nature!

Dri­ving time — 2 h

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 152 km


A view of Lake Brienz near Interlaken in Switzerland in summer.

This visu­al­ly cap­ti­va­ting Swiss town in the Ber­ne­se Obe­rland is built betwe­en the sho­res of gla­cial lakes Thun and Brienz. The blue waters of the lakes sur­ro­un­ded by the high moun­ta­ins make Inter­la­ken a won­der­ful sum­mer desti­na­tion for lovers of lake­si­de acti­vi­ties, water sports, hikes and para­gli­ding. Take a ste­am­bo­at ride or a hike to a water­fall and take plen­ty of pic­tu­res! Inter­la­ken is a gre­at star­ting point for day trips to Lau­ter­brun­nen, Grin­del­wald, Thun, Bern, the Aaare Gor­ge (Aaare­schlucht), Schil­thorn moun­ta­in (2970 m) with the revo­lving restau­rant, Nie­sen moun­ta­in — the Swiss Pyra­mid, the vie­wing point Har­der Kulm or the St. Beatus Caves. A full day trip to the highest rail­way sta­tion in Euro­pe — Jung­frau­joch — betwe­en two mas­si­ve peaks of Jung­frau (4158 m) and Mönch (4107 m), can be done in sum­mer and in winter.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 40 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 134 km

Klosters — Serneus

A view of Klosters in Switzerland in summer.

Some­ti­mes cal­led “Hol­ly­wo­od on the Rocks” this won­der­ful lit­tle ski town is famo­us for its appe­al to Bri­tish and Ame­ri­can cele­bri­ties. Visit this pla­ce to walk the same pret­ty Swiss stre­ets as the likes of Audrey Hep­burn, Paul New­man or Gre­go­ry Peck. In addi­tion to its illu­strio­us past, Klo­sters offers a num­ber of pic­tu­re-per­fect ski tra­ils, ski lifts and hiking oppor­tu­ni­ties. The muni­ci­pa­li­ty of Klo­sters — Ser­neus is loca­ted near the famo­us Davos and they have a rich offer for tourism and recre­ation both in sum­mer and winter.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 44 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 142 km


A view from above of Falera near Laax in Switzerland in winter.

In the sum­mer mon­ths visit Laax for its 230 km of moun­ta­in biking tra­ils and 250 km of hiking tra­ils. Howe­ver, this win­ter sports haven is a tru­ly remar­ka­ble stop for a ski vaca­tion. The Vorab gla­cier at 3018 m is the highest point in the region and offers bre­ath­ta­king snow cap­ped moun­ta­in views as you spe­ed down the slo­pes. Not only that, but Laax is also famo­us for its snow­bo­ar­ding. The Snow­bo­ard Fre­esty­le Aca­de­my is loca­ted the­re. Snow­bo­ar­ders from all over the world come here to shred some powder and impro­ve the­ir skills.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 46 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 149 km


A view from Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland in summer.

Situ­ated in the val­ley of 72 water­falls betwe­en a num­ber of towe­ring moun­ta­ins, Lau­ter­brun­nen was visi­ted by J. R. R. Tol­kien and beca­me an inspi­ra­tion for the Riven­dell val­ley in his novels. The one of the highest water­falls in Swit­zer­land — the Staub­bach Fall (297 m) falls down the side of a cliff at the edge of town and con­tri­bu­tes to the beau­ti­ful view of the val­ley and Lau­ter­brun­nen. The Trüm­mel­bach falls are ten gla­cial water­falls insi­de the moun­ta­in, uni­que and worth visi­ting.  Also take a day trip by tra­in thro­ugh the 7 km tun­nel insi­de a moun­ta­in to the highest rail­way sta­tion in Euro­pe — Jung­frau­joch — The Top of Euro­pe (3,454 m). Jung­frau­joch attracts touri­sts from all over the world thro­ugho­ut the year. The enti­re tourist com­plex offers not only views of the lar­gest gla­cier in the Alps — Aletsch, but also the ice pala­ce with many ice sculp­tu­res, a few mul­ti­me­dia exhi­bi­tions and the out­do­or area with the snow fun park.

Dri­ving time — 1 h 52 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 145 km

A view of the Aletsch Glacier from Jungfraujoch in Switzerland.


A view from above of Lenzerheide and Lake Heidsee in Switzerland in summer.

Par­pa­ner Rothorn is a gar­gan­tu­an 2,899m moun­ta­in and this love­ly resort sits at its foot. Len­zer­he­ide (Vaz / Obe­rvaz vil­la­ge) is the per­fect desti­na­tion for any tourist who wants to expe­rien­ce the clas­sic Swiss holi­day acti­vi­ties of hiking, moun­ta­in biking and win­ter sports. Heid­see lake is clo­se to the vil­la­ge and is a gre­at pla­ce to relax in the sum­mer­ti­me and enjoy some water acti­vi­ties. Len­zer­he­ide is con­nec­ted by a cable car with the neigh­bo­ring val­ley of Aro­sa. But if you are not ski fan try ren­ting some snow­sho­es and going for a snow hike!

Dri­ving time — 1 h 50 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 145 km

A view from Lenzerheide Vaz/Obervaz in Switzerland in winter. The bell tower of San Carlo church in Lenzerheide.


A view from above of Saas-Fee in Switzerland in summer.

On the edge of southern Swit­zer­land in the highest moun­ta­ins of the Alps you can find The Free Holi­day Repu­blic — Saas-Fee. The cold time of the year is here long and gre­at for all win­ter acti­vi­ties, inc­lu­ding sled­ding, ice clim­bing, snow­shoe tra­ils, win­ter hiking, cur­ling, and cross-coun­try skiing. But, the gre­at part abo­ut this loca­tion is you can ski in the sum­mer as well, the gla­ciers near­by hold snow year-round. In Saas-Fee you can see the highest Swiss moun­ta­in — Dom (4545 m). In the sum­mer you can meet nume­ro­us mar­mots that are tame with people and with a lit­tle patien­ce you will be able to feed them with car­rots or nuts. Mat­t­mark dam is one of the ten highest abo­ve sea level (2,197 m) dams in Swit­zer­land and also worth visi­ting. In one of the gla­ciers abo­ve Saas-Fee you can visit Ice Pavi­lion, the lar­gest of its kind in Swit­zer­land — 3,500 m abo­ve sea level and 5,500 m³ wide. Ice cor­ri­dors and sculp­tu­res, fro­zen flo­wers and a thro­ne room. Ama­zing work insi­de the glacier!

Dri­ving time — 3 h 29 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 251 km

A view of the winter landscape and ski runs near Saas-Fee in Switzerland.

St. Moritz

A view from Segantinihütte of St. Moritz, Lake St. Moritz and the Upper Engadine valley in Switzerland in summer.

Luxu­rio­us holi­day loca­tion betwe­en lakes and moun­ta­ins, which offers a full ran­ge of sum­mer and win­ter sports acti­vi­ties. Eve­ry­thing at the highest world level. Lake St. Moritz is a well-known pla­ce to play polo in win­ter. If you have time in town, you can visit the museum of the famo­us Alpi­ne pain­ter Gio­van­ni Segan­ti­ni. Mount Muot­tas Muragl (2454 m) is very clo­se to St. Moritz and acces­si­ble by cable car; built in 1907. At the top the­re is the Pano­ra­ma restau­rant, a gre­at pla­ce to see the rol­ling moun­ta­ins and lakes of the Upper Enga­di­ne below. St Moritz can be reached also by pri­va­te or char­ter fli­ght, lan­ding at the air­port in Same­dan. From the­re you can book sight­se­eing and taxi fli­ghts as well.

Dri­ving time — 2 h 40 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 208 km

A view of St. Moritz and frozen Lake St. Moritz in the Upper Engadine valley in Switzerland in winter.


A view from Zermatt of Matterhorn in Switzerland in summer.

Mat­ter­horn is the most beau­ti­ful moun­ta­in in Swit­zer­land and a sign of the famo­us holi­day desti­na­tion — Zermatt. The cha­rac­te­ri­stic sha­pe of the Mat­ter­horn inspi­red Swiss Toble­ro­ne cho­co­la­te. A rack rail­way con­nects Zermatt with Gor­ner­grat. It’s the per­fect pla­ce for a pho­to ses­sion of the Mat­ter­horn and the gla­ciers. The­re is also the highest abo­ve sea level hotel in Swit­zer­land — Kulm­ho­tel Gor­ner­grat. The Gor­ner­grat tra­in tra­vels along a sce­nic route and is an exci­ting expe­rien­ce in itself. If tha­t’s not eno­ugh, take a ride to the highest cable car sta­tion in Euro­pe (3.883 m) — Mat­ter­horn gla­cier para­di­se. Zermatt, like Saas-Fee, is a com­bu­stion-engi­ne car free town, so cle­an moun­ta­in air is guaran­te­ed. For shop­ping fans, the main stre­et Zermatt offers all major Swiss brands and local pro­ducts — che­ese, dry meat, spe­cial sorts of bre­ad and fine wines.

Dri­ving time — 3 h 28 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 254 km

A view from Gornergrat of Matterhorn and Gornergrat rack railway near Zermatt in Switzerland in winter.

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