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Fast and convenient private transfers Zurich — Lenzerheide Valbella Obervaz — Zurich

Van minibus taxi transport. ZRH airport shuttle. Licensed passenger transport in Switzerland.

Booking up to 24h in advance

If you tra­vel with chil­dren under 12 years and under 150 cm tall, we have the right child seats in our cars.

If you have very lar­ge lug­ga­ge (many snow­bo­ards, ski bags, bike cases) we offer a van with a trailer.

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Par­pa­ner Rothorn is a gar­gan­tu­an 2,899m moun­ta­in and this love­ly resort sits at its foot. Len­zer­he­ide (Vaz / Obe­rvaz vil­la­ge) is the per­fect desti­na­tion for any tourist who wants to expe­rien­ce the clas­sic Swiss holi­day acti­vi­ties of hiking, moun­ta­in biking and win­ter sports. Heid­see lake is clo­se to the vil­la­ge and is a gre­at pla­ce to relax in the sum­mer­ti­me and enjoy some water acti­vi­ties. Len­zer­he­ide is con­nec­ted by a cable car with the neigh­bo­ring val­ley of Aro­sa. But if you are not ski fan try ren­ting some snow­sho­es and going for a snow hike!

Dri­ving time — 1 h 50 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 145 km

A view from above of Lenzerheide and Lake Heidsee in Switzerland in summer.
A view from Lenzerheide Vaz/Obervaz in Switzerland in winter. The bell tower of San Carlo church in Lenzerheide.