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Van minibus taxi transport. ZRH airport shuttle. Licensed passenger transport in Switzerland.

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If you tra­vel with chil­dren under 12 years and under 150 cm tall, we have the right child seats in our cars.

If you have very lar­ge lug­ga­ge (many snow­bo­ards, ski bags, bike cases) we offer a van with a trailer.

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On the edge of southern Swit­zer­land in the highest moun­ta­ins of the Alps you can find The Free Holi­day Repu­blic — Saas-Fee. The cold time of the year is here long and gre­at for all win­ter acti­vi­ties, inc­lu­ding sled­ding, ice clim­bing, snow­shoe tra­ils, win­ter hiking, cur­ling, and cross-coun­try skiing. But, the gre­at part abo­ut this loca­tion is you can ski in the sum­mer as well, the gla­ciers near­by hold snow year-round. In Saas-Fee you can see the highest Swiss moun­ta­in — Dom (4545 m). In the sum­mer you can meet nume­ro­us mar­mots that are tame with people and with a lit­tle patien­ce you will be able to feed them with car­rots or nuts. Mat­t­mark dam is one of the ten highest abo­ve sea level (2,197 m) dams in Swit­zer­land and also worth visi­ting. In one of the gla­ciers abo­ve Saas-Fee you can visit Ice Pavi­lion, the lar­gest of its kind in Swit­zer­land — 3,500 m abo­ve sea level and 5,500 m³ wide. Ice cor­ri­dors and sculp­tu­res, fro­zen flo­wers and a thro­ne room. Ama­zing work insi­de the glacier!

Dri­ving time — 3 h 29 min.

Distan­ce from Zurich Air­port ZRH — 251 km

A view from above of Saas-Fee in Switzerland in summer.
A view of the winter landscape and ski runs near Saas-Fee in Switzerland.