Why is Switzerland worth a visit?

For many holi­day­ma­kers, touri­sts and tra­vel­lers Swit­zer­land is still a ter­ra inco­gni­ta (unk­nown land). Espe­cial­ly Swit­zer­land in Sum­mer and Autumn. Mean­whi­le, this small, alpi­ne coun­try in the heart of Euro­pe is visi­ted by mil­lions of touri­sts from all aro­und the world eve­ry year. Swit­zer­land is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by an extra­or­di­na­ry rich­ness of land­sca­pe, archi­tec­tu­re and regio­nal diver­si­ty as for such a small coun­try. The lack of war catac­ly­sms of the pre­vio­us cen­tu­ry made it possi­ble to pre­se­rve the local mate­rial and spi­ri­tu­al cul­tu­re that has been cul­ti­va­ted for cen­tu­ries. The helve­tic people tamed dif­fi­cult moun­ta­ino­us ter­ra­in per­fec­tly, cre­ated an excel­lent trans­por­ta­tion network and tourism infra­struc­tu­re with attrac­tions that draw touri­sts from remo­te cor­ners of the glo­be. For many years Swit­zer­land has been a quali­ty leader in tourism servi­ces, being one of the safest coun­tries in the world.

In the mor­ning, have a cup of Ita­lian espres­so under palm tre­es and a pie­ce of ori­gi­nal alpi­ne che­ese when stan­ding on the gla­cier in the after­no­on. This is what Swit­zer­land is all about!

A tre­men­do­us num­ber of inte­re­sting pla­ces to visit and oppor­tu­ni­ties to spend time in ple­asant and acti­ve ways can make your head spin. Not witho­ut a reason the Swiss people them­se­lves spend holi­days most wil­lin­gly in the­ir own country.

The alpi­ne geo­lo­gy, flo­ra and fau­na. Orga­nic far­ming and gre­en ener­gy with nume­ro­us dams. Vario­us Swiss wines and excel­lent dried meat (Bünd­ner­fle­isch). Archi­tec­tu­re and land­sca­pe sites from UNESCO World Heri­ta­ge List. Medie­val castles and for­tres­ses, enchan­ting old towns, innu­me­ra­ble museums, moun­ta­in bun­kers and mili­ta­ry museums. Road ser­pen­ti­nes, tun­nels long for many kilo­me­tres and impres­sing brid­ges. As you can see, the Swiss wat­ches, che­eses and cho­co­la­te is just the top of the most beau­ti­ful moun­ta­in in Swit­zer­land – Matterhorn.

Swit­zer­land is always a good idea!

Tourists at the lake Gelmer, Hasli valley.
A group of alpenhorn players, Moléson.
Matterhorn, Zermatt.